Yoga Retreats:

My exposure to yoga before this retreat was lots of asanas in different forms of yoga, and only recently more indepth study in kundalini. Arpita’s careful planning of incorporating 5 elements, ayurvedic principles, breathing exercises and spirituality. And yet, she still remained seamlessly flexible to allow for various student levels and last minute scheduling changes. So we could make the most of opportunities that came up with excursions and still fit in some amazing yoga experiences.
The addition of Ayurvedic workshops and consultation was beautiful addition, adding another dimension to the yoga experience.
The activities that were organised outside of the yoga sessions fit beautifully into the yoga theme, adding more depth to the spiritual concepts, and also allowed sufficient free time for us all to make the most of this incredible island paradise.
The venue was a dream come true. In typical Balinese style, the staff took great care in attending to any request, the food was beautiful and rooms exceptionally comfortable.
This was my first yoga retreat…and I am not sure that I can bring myself to do another…because this was such a special experience!
– Veronika A., Bali Yoga Retreat, 2014

Thank you so much for putting together such an enriching retreat to Bali, Indonesia!
It’s scary to commit to things outside one’s comfort zone, especially travel, but I am extraordinarily happy that I took the trip with you. The retreat had many rewarding facets—great yoga classes, comfortable accommodation, yummy food, jaw-dropping excursions, and free time that allowed me to read by the pool, take a bike tour with new yogi friends, or head into Ubud to make some wonderful purchases of art, jewelry, and clothing. It was also an honor to experience the cultural evening where we got an intimate glimpse into a local family’s life and home, complete with their daughters’ phenomenal Balinese dancing, done in complete makeup and costume!
Bali was an ideal destination; I appreciate that you chose a spot for our retreat that was beautiful and culturally rich, but also a place where people are warm and friendly, the language barrier is minimal, the exchange rate is favorable, and where I always felt safe. Your research into this trip must have been extensive, and for all of that work, thought, and consideration, I am immensely grateful.
I enjoyed our two yoga practices a day in the most gorgeous setting possible—an open-air studio overlooking rice fields and a temple—does it get any better? My hamstrings and my hips are my trouble spots (mercy, pigeon!), and our classes helped me with those areas while also being a safe and comfortable environment for me to ask questions or receive adjustments. The idea of revolving the classes around the elements was an appropriate tie-in to the Ayurvedic workshop where you
taught us the principals of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic nutrition. I also liked having the opportunity to meet with you one-on-one for a consultation, because I would like to start incorporating Ayurveda into my lifestyle and my nutrition choices.
My other goal for the retreat was to shine some sunlight on my inner creativity, and I was able to do that through my daily postings on Facebook. The encouragement and positive feedback from the group about my observations, commentaries, and pictures made me feel some definite warm-fuzzies about my writing.
Thank you, and I look forward to traveling with you again!
– Dhara B., Bali Yoga Retreat, 2014

Thank you so much for putting the trip to Costa Rica together. It was a pleasure to travel with you and the group. I appreciate that you took care of all the travel and planning details. I felt safe and taken care of as you ensured that the events scheduled and planned went through. You are a true professional. I loved the Yin classes, the food, location. I look forward to taking another trip together.
– Jennifer F., Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, 2013

Om Yoga Journey yoga retreats are a MUST! As a Fitness Coordinator since 1997, yoga student since 2001 and certified teacher, I hope that my input is helpful as you consider (and hopefully take) this wonderful adventure. During the review and booking process, all information provided is very, very informative and helpful. Details on what to bring, what to expect and how to plan are included. There is the added bonus of pre-trip meetings which are a great opportunity to ask additional questions and get to know your fellow yogis. All elements of the trip are planned and there are no worries or concerns; you just get to be along for the ride and enjoy! My first adventure with Om Yoga Journey was Costa Rica and the entire experience was A-MAZ-ING! No questions or stress; I knew where to go and what to expect when it came to my flights, customs, retreat center, meals, excursions, etc. The best part; I have a new yoga family. I enjoyed the pre-trip Facebook group too and it’s great to come home, share pictures and keep in touch on the page…and plan our next Om Yoga Journey adventure together! Oh, yeah…and there is Yoga! Best part! The classes are fabulous. I thought, wow…twice a day?! It’s perfect and after a busy day of zip-lining, for example, who wouldn’t want an amazing Yin class?! Adventure, Friends, Food, Fun and Yoga…and an amazing break from the every-day to allow a healing journey into the soul and focus on what matters! Sign up today; I nearly did not because of all the life excuses we use; I would have really missed out on a lot of good…for my body and soul!
– Teddi Z., Fitness Coordinator NRH Centre, Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, 2013

I enjoyed the trip very much, it was amazingly upscale. The sights, the sounds, the shopping and the trip was amazing, a once in a lifetime experience. Love it and hope to sign up for another trip
– Pattie M., India Yoga Retreat, 2013

I had the most amazing experience in India. Opens your eyes to part of the world that offers such an array of culture. You created awesome memories to last a lifetime. Thank you again for all you do. The trip was amazing
– Erin C., India Yoga Retreat, 2013

The Peru yoga retreat was truly a one-of-a-kind experience . Most cherished are friendships that were created on the journey. Thank you, Arpita, for an unforgettable experience!
-Shanon, Peru Yoga Retreat, 2011

I enjoyed every minute of the Peru Retreat. The retreat was a good balance between sightseeing and yoga. Macchu Picchu is magical beyond words. The biggest gift I took from the trip was the friendships I gained from the retreat. Arpita organized an absolutely wonderful trip and I can’t wait to go on more retreats with her
-Neelam, Peru Yoga Retreat,2011

Ayurveda Consultation:

When I asked Arpita if she would be willing to help me understand why my energy level was so low, she eagerly opened up her home and invited me for a consultation.  Instead of a cold rigid interview like I would find in any doctor’s office, we spent the afternoon curled up, drinking tea, talking and chatting as she got to know and understand my daily habits and routines.  After much thought and careful consideration the next day Arpita created a protocol specifically to meet my individual needs.  She invited me to re-organize my own daily routine to include food and herbs I already enjoy into my diet along with specific exercise and asanas, natural oils as well as mediations.  Arpita’s kind and gentle wisdom made these smart and easy little adjustments to my daily routine seem effortless!  Within just a few days I had already begun noticing a difference!  She continued to make me feel cared for by taking the time to follow up with me not just once, but thorough out my journey of healing.  I continue to enjoy Arpita’s guidance and count myself lucky to have her to care for me.
– Stephanie R.

I have been practicing yoga for years, but wasn’t until I met Arpita that learned there was the sister science of Ayurveda. Because of the amazing transformation I had experienced through my yoga practice, I knew that I had much to gain from learning about the complementary dietary and lifestyle side. I soon set up an appointment with Arpita where she took inventory of my outward physical state which provided us both with a suprisingly accurate evaluation of my internal balance. She explained the complex concepts in ways that I could understand and provided me with key tips to begin restoring balance into my body through an Ayurvedic routine. The solutions were simple, yet very different than the Western approaches I was used to. After a short time of following my prescribed routine, I began noticing that my physical and emotional state remained much more calm and predictable. Previously common emotional states like anxiety, anger, reactivity, etc. could all be traced to what I was taking into my body. I sleep better, and for the first time in my life, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day from the second I open my eyes. Since my initial consult with Arpita, I have attended two of her workshops at Divine Yoga, read Dr. Lad’s book and am signing up for an Ayurveda retreat in Austin. I am very excited to continue learning about this internally balancing approach to health so I can share this life changing wisdom with others.
– Laura B.

Teacher Training and Yoga Class:

I have had the absolute privilege to learn from Arpita for two years now, and I can honestly say she has not only deepened my understanding of yoga, but she has also enlivened my own personal spiritual journey. She is challenging in all her classes (be it physical, mental or spiritual), and she makes sure to keep her students safe and informed by showing them all the modifications for each pose and explaining the benefits of each pose. This is especially true when she has new students in her class. For those of us more advanced in our journey, she teaches us how to take poses a step further, carefully and mindfully to avoid injuring ourselves. She keeps classes interesting by making sequences that are both physically and mentally challenging,and honors her students’ requests at the beginning of class. I truly admire this yogini and I hope to someday come close to her teaching ability (I actually did my 200 hr training with her as a co-teacher). She will definitely challenge you, but she’ll do it with a welcoming smile and an inviting heart. I highly recommend her to all who come to our yoga studio!
– Nicole L.

The sentimental and impactful thoughts that come to me through you wonderful yoga classes have such meaning. The day with its many chaotic moments of uncertainty and the unknowing are all erased when I see and experience your inspiring message of inner peace and balance that comes through with each stretch and momentous move. It is not only about the pose that you teach, but more the meaningful message that you bring to each pose and move. The inspiration is from you. It is truly how you bring value to the movement of Yoga.
– Yolanda P.